There are some simple things that can spark unexpected, lively debate. Perhaps the most commonplace controversy is whether the toilet paper should roll over or under. Now, there is a new debate that a lot of people have very strong opinions about.

This new controversy involves toast – specifically, how you cut your toast.

An event called Hallam Nation at a Sheffield Hallam University Nightclub serves buttered toast to help college students sober up at the end of the night. The money this raises goes to Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital, so it’s a win/win operation. When Hallam Nation asked students how they like to cut their toast, however, thousands of strong opinions were discovered. The toast options were cut into triangles, longways, or widthways.

There was an overwhelming favorite and a piece of toast that sparked rather extreme hatred.

This toast discussion has touched quite a nerve. The discussion continued elsewhere on Twitter with number three inspiring widespread hatred. Many suggested cutting toast lengthwise even changed its taste.

“If you cut your toast long ways throw your whole life in the bin, you creature,” one man wrote. Someone else claimed that cutting your toast like that should permanently ban you from eating this gluten and butter delicacy. “If you cut your toast like Number 3 then please never eat toast again,” @PAShanky tweeted.

Apparently, these students love toast. The event organizers put out a toast table asking for voluntary donations. An organizer of the event told The Daily Mail, “We do toast at the end of HALLAMNATION, Sheffield’s biggest student night, and have buckets from Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital Charity.”

This conversation is all in good fun, but it’s clear that people have their preferred method of cutting toast. Personally, I only slice it into triangles. My kids would probably look at me like I had three heads and ask for a new slice if I cut it any other way.

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Source: Daily Mail

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