chicken sashimi

Some hipsters are likely to get a fast lesson in food poisoning. Raw chicken has become a popular thing to eat in some areas. The dish is called chicken sashimi. It is a pink poultry dish of raw chicken that was seared for only a few seconds.

The meal is popular in Japan and even in the United States! This has some of us wondering if these foodies have ever heard of salmonella.

A plate of raw chicken doesn’t look very appetizing. It makes my stomach churn knowing what could come next! I hope chicken sashimi comes with a free trip to the emergency room!

Experts warn against eating this. “Eating chicken sashimi puts a person at a pretty high risk of getting an infection caused by Campylobacter or Salmonella, two types of bacteria that cause food poisoning.” Food safety specialist Ben Chapman said, “There’s a pretty good chance that one or both of these pathogens are on or in the chicken meat itself.”

I wouldn’t touch that with a 10-foot pole. Salmonella is nothing to take lightly. The video below discusses symptoms and signs of salmonella and should be required viewing for anyone considering eating chicken sashimi!

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