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Lindsey Stirling isn’t just a world-renowned violinist. She is also a devout Christian.

She is a musician who appreciates the true meaning of Christmas, and it shows in her work.

Check out the video below of Lindsey playing “What Child Is This?” It’s a beautiful rendition of the classic Christmas song. This well-respected violinist isn’t afraid to wear her Christianity on her sleeve. She’s proud of it and uses her music to spread the word of God.

At the end of her performance, Lindsey mentions the need to get into the spirit of Christmas by making the world a better place. She donated violins and presents to children in need to help them celebrate Jesus’s birthday.

Watch her incredibly touching performance in the video below.

Gorgeous! She is so talented and it’s obvious that she is a kind soul who wants to help others.

If you would like to hear more of Lindsey’s music,¬†click here to watch her play in the New York City Subway. Her performance is hauntingly beautiful, but most people didn’t even notice they had a world-renowned violinist in their midst. They were too busy going about their day to recognize the music. People pay a lot of money to see Lindsey to perform live. These folks had the opportunity to hear her play for free and most just walked past!

In addition to playing the violin, Lindsey is an accomplished¬†dancer, performance artist, and composer. In 2015, she was named to Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 In Music. This classic artist is so talented that people in prominent positions have taken notice.

It’s nice to see a young person with this much potential freely share her beliefs in Jesus! That doesn’t happen enough these days. It will be nice to see her career continue to blossom.

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