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NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 02: Musician Blake Shelton attends the BS By Blake Shelton Launch at Macy's Herald Square on November 2, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

Blake Shelton, one of the judges on the popular singing competition The Voice, is arguably one of country music’s biggest stars. If you’ve followed his successful career, you’d know that Shelton is a very selfless individual who helps those in need.

Recently, Blake learned about a huge car accident that took the lives of three students who went to Quaboag Regional Middle/High School in Massachusetts.

Shelton learned of the deaths through his mother, who grew up with the father of a member of Quaboag’s school board. The crash took the lives of 14-year-old Jaclyn Desrosiers, 15-year-old Christian Congelos, and the driver, 16-year-old Lena Noonan.

Blake recorded a video for the students expressing his feelings about the loss and grief they are dealing with. Shelton lost his brother in a car crash nearly three decades ago, and he was able to provide this community with some words of hope and comfort following this tragic accident.

According to Fox News, Shelton said in the message: “I can understand how you guys feel. It’s the worst possible feeling. It’s confusion. It’s anger. It’s just an overall brokenness that’s just gonna take a lot of time to heal.”

Check out Blake Shelton’s powerful message in the video below:

I am a fan of country music but not a fanatic. Shelton’s words have changed my thinking about the history of country music. Blake’s bold statements about love, life, singing, and dying have now made me a lifelong fan of his music. He’s impressing me more and more.

This was a very kind, thoughtful gesture on Blake’s part. I’m sure Shelton’s message meant a lot to those students. Losing a classmate or a friend in school can be devastating.

Young kids are just learning how to control their emotions and grow into responsible adults. When something this impactful lands on their doorstep, it can be really hard to handle.

Shelton quickly responded to this tragedy with a virtual hug of support and that will go a long way.

If you know anyone that is dealing with the death of a loved one, please share this story with them! 

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