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Bartosz Huzarski and his team took on an amazingly difficult challenge and destroyed the world speed record for cycling one of the highest roads in the Himalayas.

This challenge is extremely difficult on its own, and then you add the fact that the air up there isn’t fit to breathe and they could lose consciousness at any moment. The original record was 3 hours, 4 minutes, and 6 seconds and these four men did it in just 2 hours, 36 minutes, and 16 seconds.

When I say they destroyed the world record, that’s an understatement.

You have to wonder what is in the human brain to take on such a task. Is it pride? Do these men want to leave a lasting legacy in the cycling world? Men that attempt this feat, and beat the record by more than a half an hour, are likely always trying to push their bodies to new extremes.

From Rumble:

A Tour de France veteran has smashed the speed record for cycling one of the highest roads of the Himalayas. ŠKODA AUTO brought four riders and two support cars to the grueling 40 km Khardung La route in India to beat the 3 hours 4 minutes 6 seconds STRAVA record, previously held by Christophe Klugge from Austria in 2012.

Check out this amazing accomplishment in the video below:

Breaking the world record is likely not the end for these four world-class cyclists. I can’t think of anything that would stop these four men from trying to complete an even more dangerous ride in the future.

Humans are inherently competitive individuals, and we all have an internal desire to complete difficult tasks, even if we may fail. While this extreme bike ride is not for most people, it does show what humans are capable of achieving.

I don’t know if I could risk my life in order to complete a life-changing feat, but these four men happily did. Would you ever try completing a challenge knowing that if you failed you could get seriously hurt, or even die? What if you failed immediately? Would you try again, or would you just give up and admit defeat?

For all you thrill seekers, if you were able to complete the challenge, would you try something even riskier, or would one accomplishment be enough for you?

Have you ever attempted a risky challenge like these four bike riders did? Share your experiences in the comments section below! 

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