marijuana overdose

A lot of marijuana users are going to be angry after reading this story because it dispels the myth that marijuana cannot hurt people.

An 11-month-old Colorado boy suffered a devastating seizure and eventually died in the hospital from heart failure. Doctors now believe that marijuana may have contributed to this baby’s death.

From The Independent:

A baby boy’s death has prompted a debate among doctors after it was claimed that he died of a marijuana overdose.

After suffering from a seizure, the 11-month-old died from heart failure in 2015 in a Colorado hospital. Doctors subsequently produced a report linking his death to marijuana.

“We just wanted to make sure that we’re not going to call this a marijuana-related fatality if there was something else that we could point at,” Dr. Christopher Hoyte of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Poison & Drug Center told the KUSA news channel. “And we looked and couldn’t find it.”

Dr Hoyte has been on duty as a poison control officer when he treated the child and found his urine and blood tested positive for marijuana.

This is what legalizing recreational marijuana will do to our country. Parents can’t be high while taking care of a young child at the same time. Obviously, it doesn’t end well.

There’s a simple solution to this problem: don’t smoke marijuana around your children. While adults have every right to ruin their own lives, they shouldn’t put their child’s life in danger as well.

This baby did not deserve to die, and I hope doctors can get to the bottom of this tragic death. If marijuana is eventually determined to be the primary cause of death, this country has to make some major changes in how it deals with this drug.

A report on this baby’s tragic death is in the video below:

Remember, Colorado was one of the first states to legalize marijuana, so this boy’s tragic death could be just the beginning! America cannot allow this to continue!

After reading this story, do you think that recreational marijuana should be legal? Share your thoughts below!