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Flip or Flop fans have been following contractor Frank “The Tank” Miller’s battle against laryngeal cancer. Tarek El Moussa is very concerned and just gave an alarming update about his good friend.

“You know, he’s not doing very well right now,” the HGTV host said. “He’s not doing well. It’s a big bummer. He’s a very, very important person to me. He’s very, very close to me. I mean, I’ve been watching this poor guy fight. It’s been tough.”

Tarek also posted an update on Instagram along with a picture that shows how Frank’s body is taking a beating from not only cancer but also the treatments he is going through to fight it. Frank has been accepted into a program at the Lazurus Foundation that might be his last hope as the cancer heads to his brain, but the contractor developed pneumonia, which has thrown a monkey’s wrench into beginning this treatment.

Wow! Frank certainly could use our prayers. He’s got incredible determination to beat this, but nothing can be more powerful than prayers.

Frank is fortunate enough to have an extensive group of supporters cheering him on. He has been there for plenty of people and they are there for him now.

In the video below from a month ago, Tarek talks to The Doctors about Frank’s cancer treatments. Frank himself skyped in to talk to them as well. An accompanying video for Frank from the Flip of Flop family cheers him on during this fight for his life. “If anyone is going to kick cancer’s butt, it’s going to be you,” Christina El Moussa said.

Frank has a long way to go to overcome this aggressive cancer. He has the determination, but he could use our prayers as well!

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Source: Fox News

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