Chloe Paige

Many of us find ourselves singing as we do our daily tasks. The prospect of being secretly caught on video doing this might be terrifying to those of us lacking talent. But, one woman who was singing while she was preparing a meal is getting a lot of attention for all the right reasons!

One night, while gathered with friends, Chloe Paige was cooking in the kitchen when one of her friends began playing Adele’s “When We Were Young” from the 2015 album 25. Chloe started singing to the music and the results are amazing! This woman has a tremendous voice!

Chloe had no idea she was being recorded as she was busy chopping up vegetables for dinner. You will be blown away by her singing ability in the short one minute video below! She sounds just like a superstar with her powerful and very soulful voice!

What an amazing voice. She wasn’t even prepared to perform. She was just singing as she was working. So many people were impressed with her version of “When We Were Young,” that she performed it again later. Full video of that is below.

Chloe has had a bit of experience singing on stage. She competed in the 12th season of X Factor UK. This talented singer made it into the top six before being eliminated on the 2015┬átelevision competition. Listing to her sing makes me wonder why she didn’t win it all! She looks and sings just like a superstar!

During the competition, Chloe sang “Amazing Grace.” She took this classic gospel song up a notch by singing it a cappella. It’s nearly impossible to listen to this soulful singer belt out this beloved song and not be moved. She put everything into her performance and it showed. If you were impressed with her Adele cover, you will absolutely love her performance in the video below!

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