Bison Calf
Bison Calf

Life is amazing. Sometimes when the odds are completely against you, you find a way to beat them and that’s what happened to a young bison calf. He got swept away in the river and found himself alone without his mother. He needed her for warmth and food, but somehow, this seven-day old calf survived the night all alone by the river.

The baby was spotted by a wolf, yet this young, hungry fellow found the ability and the drive to fight back. And during the fight, something miraculous happened. The wolf can’t believe his eyes and the bison calf can’t believe his incredible luck. Backup arrived just in time!

With all the bad things dominating the news, the video below might just warm your heart! You don’t see many dramatic comeback stories like this in the wild!

A mother’s love is always faithful. That momma wasn’t about to give up on her baby and she got there right in time! At only seven days old, this calf was in no position to be away from his mother. She rescued him from the wolf and then he immediately nursed. That poor baby must have been starving after being alone all night.

Momma Bison must have been searching for him nonstop. It’s miraculous that she located him at the exact time that he needed it most. If she arrived just a minute or two later, it could have had a very different outcome.

I needed that story today. When I first saw the video, my inclination was to look away because the odds were definitely against the young calf. I felt invested in this story and was worried about the baby. I’m so happy that he’s back where he belongs – with his mother!

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