Area 51 Trespassers

When I was stationed at Tonopah Test Range, NV we were told to not stray past certain markers around the facility or we would be met with force. So, what you see in the movies where a convoy of vehicles greets you at the “Do Not Trespass” sign is 100% true.

In the video below, this father/son team didn’t see the “Do Not Trespass” sign while riding their motorcycles and things quickly deteriorated from there. Almost instantly, the father and son were met by the police and they were able to capture the whole incident on camera!

From Rumble:

“We are a father and son team of adventure travelers. This was part of a larger trip to be lead presenters on Area 51 in Yosemite. On our way home, we were going by Area 51. I have mapped out several hidden entrances and we were exploring this hidden entrance. We saw the truck going up the road ahead of us and we followed them up.

They turned around and came back down the road. We have been there many times and we were probably recognized and they turned around and came after us. As we stopped on the public land side of the boundary, they blocked the road”, says McCulloughs.

Area 51 is located 83 miles north of Las Vegas in Nevada and is classified as a US military installation. For years, it was one of the US government’s worst-kept secrets, until it was officially acknowledged by the CIA in 2013 and its location revealed.

Check out the standoff in the video below:

I’m glad these two weren’t arrested but you can face huge fines from law enforcement in that area if they think you deliberately were trespassing on Area 51.  I am glad things turned out well for this father and son but I bet they will never risk riding their motorcycles near Area 51 ever again!

I still wonder whether or not these two realized that they were riding near Area 51 or if they just got lost during their ride. Area 51 has sparked the curiosity of Americans for decades so it’s possible the two wanted to check out the mysterious facility for themselves.

For their safety, they should have told police that they simply got lost, as admitting they were trying to check out Area 51 could result in some dangerous consequences. I have always wanted to know what really was at Area 51, but I would never be foolish enough to try and sneak onto this heavily-guarded military installation.

If you enjoyed this video, check out this other video of civilians driving up to the border of Area 51:

Do you think this father and son handled this situation appropriately when approached by law enforcement? Share your thoughts below! 

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