In certain parts of the country, you have to be incredibly cautious when going into bodies of water. There might be an alligator lurking below the water’s surface. These creatures won’t play nice if they are disrupted or hungry.

While swimming in Florida’s Loxahatchee River, a man’s close encounter with an alligator has him counting his blessings. Cody swung from the rope into the river as it all was being filmed. An alligator was in the water and Cody’s foot landed on the gator’s head!

He didn’t even realize this until he reviewed the video later. “We didn’t notice the gator until later that day looking at the footage, and we couldn’t believe it that he was so close to an alligator,” Cody’s friend Dave Salem said. “Once I sent it to him he was freaking out and saying he’ll probably never swim in there again.”

Video of this encounter is below.

He is incredibly fortunate that the gator wasn’t hungry. Florida has a history of alligator attacks. Many locals won’t go into murky waters for this reason. It’s not all that surprising that there was an alligator in that river. It’s actually more shocking that someone jumped into the water like that without taking precautions!

A two-year-old boy was killed by an alligator at Disney World’s Seven Springs Lagoon in 2016. With all of the precautions Disney takes, they still couldn’t prevent this. Alligators are a fact of life in Florida.

An enormous gator often will sun his belly at the Buffalo Creek Golf Club in Palmetto, Florida. The beast many people dubbed “Godzilla” because of his size, is estimated to be 15 to 16 feet long. Management of the golf course refers to him as Chubbs. You can see video of Chubbs on the golf course by clicking here.

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