Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ has been covered by many artists. But a new spin on it has peaked the public’s attention when 1500 people joined singer Rufus Wainwright to sing the well-known song.

Holding sheets with the words to the song, the massive crowd that called itself “Choir! Choir! Choir!,” swayed and sang together in perfect harmony. It’s pretty remarkable what everyday people can do when they work together.

With the help of singing coaches, they got everything perfect for the final recording. Then their voices filled the Hearn Generating Station in Toronto with the familiar and hauntingly beautiful melody and lyrics.

Listen to them in the video below and be amazed!

Simply beautiful! They all came together to record something amazing! This is now my favorite version of this song. The process and the effort were tremendous. It’s quite a feat to organize that many people to sing and they rose up to the challenge by singing perfectly.

‘Hallelujah’ is a song that everyone seems to know. Even if you don’t know the words, you can usually hum along to. It’s one that street performers often sing to much applause. It’s so recognizable that you don’t even need the lyrics. The music is enough to touch anyone who will stop to listen. Watch a violinist play Leonard Cohen’s masterpiece at Vancouver’s YaleTown Sky-train Station in the video below.

I was glad to see her get some tips for her college fund, but she deserved much more than that!

One of the most unique street performances of the song that I have seen was by a man who used only crystal glasses. It sounds like an entire wing orchestra. He carefully used just the perfect amount of water in each glass to create the perfect pitch. Click here to see that unbelievable performance!

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