These Are The 25 Scariest Moments in Wrestling History

A screw-up in wrestling can be dangerous and bring a gasp, or silly and bring a laugh. To get us started, let's look at a "screw-up"...

Wrestling isn’t perfect. Sometimes there are mistakes. And sometimes these mistakes can look dangerous. Wrestlers are trained professionals, but that doesn’t stop them from doing things that look scary and outright stupid. Even when done right, a move can look like it really really hurt.

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It looks like it is dangerous because it is supposed to look like that, and also because it probably did hurt. We’ve documented 25 of the scariest screw-ups, botches, and regular moves that just look scary that we could find in wrestling gif form. Some of these are less scary than others, though. In this slideshow, you’ll see everything from a wrestler being blown-up to having to a wrestler having to dodge the dangers of flying streamers.

A screw-up in wrestling can be dangerous and bring a gasp, or silly and bring a laugh. To get us started, let’s look at a “screw-up” that should definitely give you a bit of a chuckle…


 Smooth entrance

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Remember, these are trained professionals, but they aren’t trained to fall like that! The ring ropes are often the enemy of even the most trained and talented of wrestlers. This happens a lot on the indie scene since they aren’t using the highest quality equipment. As you’ll see in the next slide, ring ropes can even fluster future WWE Champions.

 Ring Ropes Breaking

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You can see the wind get knocked out of a very young Daniel Bryan. Of course, this happened on a little indie show. It is possible this was the fault of crappy ropes. Or maybe his opponent was just crazy strong. Either way, that looked like it really hurt. Surely this doesn’t happen in WWE, right? Wrong.

 Ring Ropes Breaking 2

Image result for wrestling ropes breaking Guys, I think Braun Strowman is a pretty strong and scary looking dude. This was probably a planned breakage to show the power of Strowman. In fact, if you look carefully you can see Reigns grab the turnbuckle and pull it out of the ring-post. But the effect worked. The audience gasped and Braun’s brawn was put on display for all to see. But it isn’t just inside the ring where danger can happen. You have to be careful about how you exit.

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