Nikki Bella Delivers Dance Inspired By Her WWE Comeback

Nikki Bella is doing well on Dancing with the Stars, with her most recent dance the most emotional yet. The contemporary dance...

Nikki Bella is doing well on Dancing with the Stars, with her most recent dance the most emotional yet. The contemporary dance she delivered with partner Artem was inspired by her fight to get back to the WWE ring. Read on see the dance and find out more about it!

Where Did the Inspiration for the Dance Come From?

Wrestling fans who followed the career of Nikki Bella closely know about her possible career-ending neck injury. It was believed Nikki Bella might never wrestle again, only for her to make her return seven months later. Her journey during these seven months was the inspiration for the dance.

The Actual Dance Performed During Dancing with the Stars

Naturally, the contemporary dance based on her fight to get back to the ring was extremely emotional. You could easily detect the emotions Nikki experienced during that time, and it even had me fighting back some tears.

As an ex-dancer myself, I had to look at the technical aspect of the dance. Personally, I would have given her a higher score than she got, especially for the feelings she invoked with everyone on the dance floor. Not just with viewers, but also her sister and her mother who was watching her in the audience. Despite the technique needing a little more fine-tuning, it was my favorite dance of the night.

Doing Well on Dancing with the Stars

Nikki Bella is doing really well on Dancing with the Stars. She put down some of my favorite dances throughout the season, although she does have some problems with letting Artem take the lead. Of course, Nikki is a powerful woman, so she is used to taking control.

Another dance I absolutely adored was her Viennese Waltz. Even though I usually prefer a lot more spice in dance, Artem and Nikki turned the stuffy Viennese Waltz into something passionate and extremely unusual! After Nikki’s contemporary dance, this has to be my favorite.

Still, Nikki can do traditional too, even though I prefer to see her with a little more spice. She also did a traditional Waltz with Artem, which looked positively dreamy.

With every passing week, Nikki Bella is getting one step closer to the Mirror Ball Trophy. I certainly hope she will win, although there is some stiff competition!

Will Nikki win the Mirror Ball? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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