On Sunday, October 29th, WWE released Emma, Darren Young, and Summer Rae. Releases often happen in WWE but rarely in big groups like this. In our previous post, we detailed why they were released and what is probably next for the three. But the releases have seemingly been eclipsed by one poor tweet by recent NXT signee Lio Rush.

Rush exploded onto the scene just a few years ago and is considered a prodigy by many. He’s 21 and wrestled for around three years but already earned accolades around the globe. There is a lot of promise and potential in this kid’s future, which is why it was so disappointing when he fired off this regrettable “joke” tweet about Emma’s release.

Rush deleted the tweet quickly. Fans and fellow wrestlers chastized Rush for his insensitivity over someone losing their job. Then Lio Rush posted a soft non-apology. He acknowledged his “respect” for Emma and then went the classic “sorry if you didn’t get my joke” defense.


But By Then…the Backlash Had Begun!

Rush’s tweet created a mob online. Wrestlers and fans alike went after the young high-flyer for his immature and unfunny comment.

Fellow NXT members were quick to chastise their new roster-mate.




Kevin Owens wasn’t a fan of the poorly written statement either.


Even BRAY WYATT got in on the action.


While not excusing his behavior, a few legends came to Rush’s defense.


Unsurprisingly, William Regal gave the most elegant criticism of all.

What does this mean for Rush?

I don’t expect WWE to release him over this. He’s too good of a talent, plus this is a silly tweet, and it isn’t like he said something offensive or racist. Just classless. I expect he’ll have to pay some dues and be humbled a bit, which is what I believe will happen to him in NXT over the next few months. The truth is, the tweet was immature and callous, but the mob that surrounded him over this is just as outrageous. A lot of wrestlers used the opportunity to get themselves a bit of the spotlight and air out some old laundry about a guy who is rising in the wrestling world. Hopefully, Rush will learn and grow from this experience.

Was Lio Rush in the wrong? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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