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In the video below, a beautiful little girl missed her father who was overseas serving the U.S. military on her birthday. But the surprise she received on her birthday wasn’t like any other surprise. This heartwarming video is enough to make even the toughest individual start crying.

Ellianna Villegas yelled when she received a special teddy bear that looked just like her dad. When her mom told her to press the button on the bear, it was heaven on Earth. I think I lost it watching her reaction.

I am glad they caught this moment on video. These are priceless gems that families should always have. I am sure her dad will enjoy watching this video over and over.

Check out the amazing video below:

From Fox News:

The touching moment was posted on Twitter by Vanessa’s sister and immediately went viral Wednesday. As of Saturday, the video was retweeted more than 49,000 times and liked by more than 100,000 Twitter users.

“Everyone has been basically saying ‘Oh my gosh I’m crying’ (and) another girl was even like ‘I just put on my makeup and now it’s all over my face,’” Vanessa told KSAT.

Vanessa said the deployment as hard on her daughter who has never been away from her father for this long.

“It really meant a lot to give that to her so she can play it every time she misses him and it helps her a lot,” she said. “It’s tough but in the end, I know it’ll be worth it.”

Vanessa and Elianna plan to travel to South Carolina and visit David in November when he graduates.

I have seen these teddy bears and have bought one for my daughter and my son in law. One of the bears is wearing an Air Force uniform and sings the Air Force Anthem. The other bear is wearing a Coast Guard uniform and sings the Coast Guard Anthem.

To be honest, this little girl’s reaction made me cry. It was so beautiful watching this touching video. God bless this father for his service, and I hope he is able to see his daughter very soon!

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