Matt Hardy Teases Another “Change” In His Character

Matt Hardy is rivaled only by Chris Jericho in the number of re-inventions he has gone through. There was Fake Brood Matt, Team Xtreme Matt, Matt 2.0, “Turn on your brother” Matt, and who could forget BROKEN MATT! Broken Matt has only sort of come to WWE from TNA. Matt has long-teased that his infamous TNA character could be coming to the WWE.¬† It looks like we could be getting something completely different, however.

Which Matt Hardy will we get next?

How will Matt Hardy re-invent himself this time? We’ve come up with a few ideas. Some of these are blatant rip-offs of previous Matt versions. Others are even less creative than that. Let us know what you think. And Matt, if you read this and use our ideas: PLEASE CREDIT US THANK YOU!


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Matt Hardy loves to Pardy. Why not change into the ultimate party boy as a contrast to a calm and zen Jeff? He could talk about his previous demons and how he decided to embrace them instead of fight. Think Adam Rose, but without a posse.


Image result for matt hardy grapesThis Matt also is very specific about his grapes! Perhaps he’s just a big jerk backstage and bullies people. Just a big ball of grapes and negativity. Turns into a bit of a primadonna oldtimer? Starts calling everyone “son” and “kid.” This could be a good way to get the crowd behind Matt’s current tag partner Jason Jordan-Angle.

“No Gimmicks Needed” Matt

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Maybe this Matt just turns into a straight up WRASSLER! No fancy theme music or catchphrases. Just catch-as-catch-can grappling at its finest! The gimmick, of course, is that he has “no gimmick.” He can still go in the ring and this would be a great chance to prove it. While Jeff is out with a shoulder injury, this would be a good chance for Matt to shine as a singles¬†wrestler.

“Full Repaired” Matt

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A Matt that is perfectly fine. Maybe too fine. Perhaps he goes “Stepford Wives” on us and gets one of those poisonously sweet personalities? Robot Matt breaks one day and…well, you know the rest.

Which completely made-up version of Matt Hardy do you like the best? Share your thoughts in the comments below.