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Many of us spend a large amount of time in the car and that can mean witnessing a lot of strange things. But few things are stranger than what one driver with a dash cam witnessed driving at night.

In the video below, the driver had serious cat-like instincts to miss a pedestrian who was strolling all too casually across the highway in the dark of night. The driver didn’t pull over to see what was wrong with the man, which may have been the thing to do. Who knows what was going on with this person based on his erratic behavior. That decision could have endangered him more than the near-miss already had.

I hope this man got some help. Clearly, there was something going on for him to make such a selfish and life-threatening decision. He got lucky, but if he does something like this again, he could destroy many more lives than his own.

Dash cam footage from Nebraska of a near miss accident involving a pedestrian crossing a highway.

The video, shot on September 25, shows a man appearing to wear dark clothing crossing Route 75 as southbound traffic whizzes past.

“I saw the brake lights light up on the car in front of the one in front of me, then saw him swerve over. I figured it was just going to be a tire in the road, so I started getting over just in case,” the filmer wrote online.

Credit: Newsflare

Can you believe what you just saw? I’m not sure I would have been able to act fast enough to miss this man. I probably would have overcorrected. How lucky this driver’s dash cam was on!

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