Impact Releases Global Wrestling Network App!

The WWE is no longer the only one with a wrestling app. Impact Wrestling has now released its own app. Want to learn more? Check out the information below!

What Can I Get On The Global Wrestling Network Application?

With the release of the Global Wrestling Network, Impact wants to prove they are here to stay. The application went live by accident a month ago but has now been officially released.

According to Impact, the Global Wrestling Network Application will provide wrestling fans with full access to archival TNA, Impact, and GFW content. It also delivers a discount on pay-per-view events and even Impact merchandise.

Wrestling fans can also expect some featured shows, at least according to statements made by Impact; this would include shows such as British Bootcamp, TNA Legends, Greatest Matches, and Unfinished Business Pay-Per-Views.

Which Devices Can I Use Global Wrestling Network On?

Global Force Wrestling has stated that the application can be used on all platforms; this includes Android and iOS. In addition to that, Global Force Wrestling stated that the application will also be compatible with Roku, XBox, and Fire-TV.

What Does It Cost?

Before the release of the application, Global Force Wrestling stated that the application would cost $5.99 a month. It seems like management has changed their minds though, as the application currently costs $7.99 a month. While this may be a little more expensive than anticipated, the application is still cheaper than the WWE Network application.

If you sign up soon, you could take advantage of a special deal too! Global Force Wrestling gives new users a free 30-day trial! So, if you are unsure about the app, you can use it for free for a month. Of course, you will have to pay once the trial period ends.


The Global Force Wrestling application is an app for true wrestling fans. Of course, with many people already signed up for the WWE Network, the question is if people will be willing to pay for another wrestling network provider. However, the app is good news for any Impact Wrestling fan.

Will you sign up for the new app? Let us know in the comment section below!