Daniel Cormier Tries To Explain “Beef” With Tony Ferguson

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier really isn’t sure what happened between himself and Tony Ferguson.

All Cormier knows is that the interim lightweight titleholder seems to have “beef” with him.

“You told me, Kenny Florian, welcome to the world of the commentator,” Cormier said during a recent spot on UFC Tonight. “I don’t know what I did to the guy. After the fight, my phone just started pinging. Maybe it was because I said I thought Conor McGregor’s next fight would be the Diaz fight and not with Tony.”

Cormier defended his comments yet again, explaining why he feels McGregor has earned his spot in the MMA world.

“First off, Tony, great performance. But to say Conor is only talk is not true. Conor’s backed it up. He beat Aldo, then beat Eddie Alvarez. It’s not all talk,” he said. “But I believe the fight between Conor and Tony now will happen. But you’ve got to be careful, Tony – what you ask for isn’t always what’s best for you. I think Conor might have seen something in that fight and is ready for it now. I think they both have to make some strategic adjustments.”

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