Imagine you are a little girl whose mom just had a baby boy and now you are the proud older sister. You are in the hospital looking at the perfect new addition to the family and already in love at first sight. You’re thinking about how you will help take care of him with your mom when all of a sudden, the day turns from great to incredible because your father walks into the room.

That’s what happens to the family in this touching video. Why is it remarkable, though? Because Dad was stationed in Afghanistan and his family hadn’t seen him for months. They missed him greatly, so when he walks in, the new big sister is already filled with emotion when she gets an incredible surprise. That’s the making of a great story, right?

Little Kaydence is overwhelmed and continues to cry out of joy, and cannot even look at the baby, she just stands there, as if she is scared to look at him.

The girl is up for a second surprise. Check her reaction as her eyes go wide open when he mom says that she has to meet another one. As she gazes over the room, her daddy walks in and the girl falls in his arms, now crying even louder.

Kaydence was not only surprised with her baby brother being born a week early, but also by her dad coming home 4 months early from Afghanistan. What a nice overlap.

Watch the profoundly beautiful moment in the video below.

Credit: Vreisner

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