WWE Ask Fans If They Want TNA, Indies, And Sitcoms On WWE Network

Every once in a while, WWE sends out surveys to fans. They cover a variety of topics. WWE will ask fans their opinions on matches, tv shows, and certain wrestlers. Occasionally, they’ll ask users of the WWE Network what they would be interested in watching. What is fascinating about these surveys is not what fans tell WWE; it is what WWE tells us via their questions. Which is why a recent WWE Network survey fired up the internet with rumors that some new and exciting programming was headed their way.

Via BlackClaude on reddit.

There’s actually a lot digest here. Let’s take a look at each area and gauge how likely they are to actually happen.

TNA/ROH on The WWE Network

The rumors that WWE is interested in TNA’s tape library are a tale as old as time. About every time TNA/Impact/Global Force nears another false finish this rumor crops up. Is it possible? Yes. A lot of WWE and NXT’s marquee talent had careers in TNA. WWE would benefit greatly from having the bulk of Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe’s matches.

Former TNA star Matt Hardy was DELIGHTED at the possibility of having his “Broken” character on WWE.

Same goes for Ring of Honor. Earlier this year, there were rumors that WWE was on the verge of buying ROH from Sinclair Broadcasting. Those turned out to be just talk. As for why? The same reason as TNA, but even more so. Ring of Honor has acted as an indirect feeder system for WWE since CM Punk signed in 2006. In fact, there have been several WWE champions who got their big break in ROH. Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Neville, Cesaro, Samoa Joe, and AJ Style, just to name more than a few.

“Original Scripted Comedies”

“But wrestling is already scripted!” I said to myself. Yes, but scripted TV about…scripted TV? The success of “Southpaw Regional Wrestling” might lead WWE into other ventures. I have no idea what “WWE version of the Office” is. I hope they don’t go too far into this. WWE is funny when it is unexpected and not trying so hard.

Indie Promotions

This seems already in the works, based on WWE’s relationships with UK-based PROGRESS and ICW as well as Evolve in the states. I would love to see these shows on the Network. It would be great exposure to new wrestlers, and help fans get to know the rising stars of the game.

WWE Radio/Podcasts

I’ve had this idea before. But the drama of wrestling would be perfect for a radio show or dramatic podcast. WWE is already great at multimedia, but they don’t actually do any of their own podcasts. This would be a great addition to their lineup.

House Shows

Yes. Want straight-up wrestling? Give us the house shows. House Shows, aka “live events,” are the non-televised wrestling shows WWE holds. We’ve already seen this with Beast in the East and a few other WWE specials. Why not make it a regular thing? Wrestling fans like wrestling!

As for the tournaments? WWE seems to do one a year. I’d love to see more, wouldn’t you?

What else do you want to see on the WWE Network? Share your thoughts.