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A train plowed through a flooded station in Mumbai, India on Wednesday, sending a giant wave of filthy water over the people waiting on the platform. It’s suspected that the train was traveling around 62 mph upon entering the station.

YouTube user ABHI JEET uploaded video of the incident. In the caption he writes:

This happened today on 20th Sept 2017 Mumbai Flooded due to rains and train passes thru Nallasopara Station. Enjoy new Nallasopara Water Park. Very heavy Mumbai Rains, Nalasopara Train, Nalasopara Train water.

Mumbai received 12 inches of rain between Tuesday and Wednesday, resulting in flooding in many of the subways and streets. Even so, there were around a dozen passengers waiting on the platform at the Nallasopara Station when the train sped through.

Some people have reacted to the video with outrage, saying the conductor endangered passengers.

However, Western Railway, the company that runs routes within the area, said the train’s speed kept within regulations:

An official at the rail company said: ‘There was no operational hazard. Yes, the loco pilot should have reduced the speed of the train after seeing people standing at the platform. However, the water was not above 100 mm (4 inches).’

India’s railway safety standard says trains must reduce their speed to 30 mph if there are at least four inches of water on the track. However, Western Railways claims the water level at Nallasopara was 3.75 inches.

H/T: Daily Mail

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