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Most people love surprises, especially when they are real and genuine. Marriage proposals are unique, especially when the girl has no idea that her boyfriend has planned an elaborate one.

In the video below, a nervous young man and his girlfriend were walking into a home they had just bought. It was their first time inside the home as new homeowners. The girlfriend wasn’t expecting what came next. The boyfriend wanted to take their relationship even further. He thought their first time in their new home would be the perfect time to ask her to spend the rest of her life with him! Their names were together on the deed of the house, but now it was really time to make it official!

Check out this amazing proposal and her wonderful reaction below! She wasn’t expecting it at all!

This video should bring a smile to anyone’s face, and is a great reminder of how special true love can be! This couple is ready to begin their lives together as one. It’s not just about living with someone. They are prepared to commit to each other in holy matrimony for the rest of their lives!

Today, many young people feel that they do not need to get married or have children because society is telling them that being single is acceptable. Hopefully, this couple makes it last for a very long time and they will always have this video to remember their special moment!

Wedding proposals can be incredibly touching when done right. Click here to see a man propose not only to his girlfriend, but also to her sister with Down Syndrome too! He recognized that his girlfriend’s sister would also be a part of their life and he was committed to accepting to caring for her.

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