Sasha Banks Throws Shade At The WWE And Her Fans

Sasha Banks may be one of the main women on the RAW roster, but she is far from happy with the WWE. Over the past couple of weeks...

Sasha Banks may be one of the main women on the RAW roster, but she is far from happy with the WWE. Over the past couple of weeks, Sasha Banks has made some statements regarding the WWE, which could be considered less than flattering. She also made some statements about fans, which were far from nice too. Let’s take a look at the statements made by Banks and why she is unhappy with her role in the WWE.

Unhappy With Her Title Reigns

The RAW Championship Title reigns have been quite disappointing for Banks. While she is a three-time RAW women’s champion, her title reigns did not last longer than two weeks. She has never defended her title successfully, which makes her appear a little less grandiose than she wants to be.

This is what Sasha Banks had to say about her title reigns during an interview with Sam Roberts:

“I’ll be honest about something. I’m a three-time RAW Women’s Champion, right, which is awesome. Within a whole year, I’m a three-time Women’s Champion, which, to me, is a lot. I am a three-time two-week holder of a championship, so that took away my confidence so much.”

Sasha Banks Rants About Her Fans

As a wrestling celebrity, Sasha Banks also has to deal with fans waiting for her at the airport in the hope of getting an autograph. Unfortunately, Sasha Banks is less than happy with that kind of attention and said the following about fans during the interview:

“I grew up a wrestling fan, so I knew that I wanted to meet all my favorite wrestlers. But always in the back of my head I never thought in my life to be like, ‘Hey, they’re gonna fly in. Maybe I should wait at the airport for like 12 hours at a gate. Hey! They don’t want any sleep. Maybe I’ll go find their hotel they’re staying at and let me bother them.’”

“Like to me, that’s stalking. I don’t tweet out what hotel I’m at. I don’t tweet out what airline I’m flying. I do tweet you what arena I’ll be performing at, so I do expect fans at the arena, and I’m so happy to sign at the arena, that’s fine because I’m telling you where I’m going to be at. If I see you in public, that’s fine.”

Removing References to the WWE from Her Social Media

In addition to throwing shade at the WWE and her die-hard fans, Banks also removed any reference to the WWE from her Twitter page. Instead, she posted a bible verse; this once again shows her discontent with the WWE.

My Opinion on the Situation

Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Bayley

I agree with Sasha Banks on most things, but I don’t agree with how she is referring to the company she is working for and her die-hard fans. Her statements come off as extremely harsh and insensitive, especially towards fans.

To call fans stalkers is taking it one step too far, you can always say you rather not sign autographs when coming from the airport. No need to be so harsh to people who buy your merchandise and support you. Remember, you are an icon to them, now you just seem like a mean, spoiled girl.

I get a similar feeling about her statements regarding the WWE. She is getting plenty TV time but seems to be throwing her toys out of the pram because she’s not getting the lengthy title reign she wants. At the end of the day, you’re a three-time women’s champion, an opportunity most people can only dream of.

What is your opinion on Sasha’s recent statements? Let us know in the comment section below!

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