Ric Flair Smilin And Profilin In Latest Update On Health

The wrestling world has been waiting and praying for good news about the health of Ric Flair. The record-setting World Champion has been in the hospital battling multiple ailments. He required emergency surgery, a stay in the ICU, and a medically-induced coma. But Ric Flair is a fighter. He isn’t giving up and he will be back! His team took to social media to give us an update on the progress of the Nature Boy.

First from his fiance.

Then Flair’s team took to his twitter account to provide a big update to fans. The Nature Boy is going to be back. He won’t ever wrestle again, but we will see him on TV and on the mic delivering another legendary promo in no time!

Charlotte took to WWE.com to provide an update on her dad as well.

Following all the well-wishes, Ric Flair took to Twitter to provide a video message of thanks to his fans!

He’s still fighting and profilin’!

Currently, the Nature Boy is promoting his new 30 for 30 movie on ESPN


Get well soon, Nature Boy. You’re an inspiration and a hero to so many. You’ve fought back from a plane crash, being struck by lightning, Terry Funk, personal tragedy and more! I know you’ve battled your personal demons, but this isn’t a time to give up. You’re THE MAN. You kicked out at two and are ready to go another round! You are so strong and you have so much more to give this world. Keep fighting Naitch! We can’t wait to see you stylin’ and profilin’ once again.

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