On Raw – Enzo Amore Turns Into A Bad Guy And Reignites The Cruiserweights

When Enzo Amore won the Cruiserweight title at No Mercy after kicking Neville in his crown jewels, the Internet exploded. How could they do this? They were ruining the Cruiserweight Division. How is Enzo supposed to be the good guy and win like that? How can we ever take this division seriously? People were furious. But they were doing something they hadn’t done in months. They were talking about the Cruiserweight Division!

Well, as usual, the wrestling world and their lack of patience and forward-vision was exposed for whining shortsightedness. Not only were their fears unfounded, but it turns out the Crusierweight division might be in its best position since it was founded over a year ago.

Throughout Raw, new champ Amore pestered General Manager Kurt Angle for a big celebration. His dismissive and braggadocios attitude mimics the rumors that supposedly have him hated backstage.

The “celebration” was just Amore ranting in the ring about how baller he is. The “purple” brand and former Champion Neville had just about enough of The Smacktalker Skywalker.

But it is what happened when the show ended that really tells us where the division is going what Enzo’s ascendancy means. Braun Strowman, followed by the entirety of the Cruiserweight Division beat up Amore to the delight of the crowd.

Is Enzo Being Punished By Being Pushed?

It seems crazy but hear me out. The past few weeks have seen Enzo be embarrassed by his fellow wrestlers. This comes on the heels of the rumors of his backstage issues. Now that he is champion, that should mean his problems are over right? Wrong. Enzo is becoming a punching bag and everyone is turning on him. Enzo the character is oblivious to it and seems to be taking his high-flying lifestyle a little too seriously. Is it possible that Enzo the man is being punished by being embarrassed on such a big level? By making him the champ via cheating and then having EVERYONE destroy him, is Enzo just a joke now? It seems like it. But he’s still very popular. More “shades of gray” from WWE.

What do you think about Enzo’s turn into a “bad” guy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.