OJ Simpson release

OJ Simpson will be released from prison next month after serving time for a 2007 armed robbery. The prison isn’t specifying which day he will be set free for a very good reason: They are concerned about his safety.

Simpson’s lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, is trying to get him moved to a Florida prison prior to his release. Juice was moved from general population to his own cell after the parole board made its decision. The prison thought it was too risky sending him back to the general population after the news of his parole was made public.

The prison’s decision to remove OJ from the general population prevented Simpson from saying goodbye to his fellow prisoners who he had struck a bond with. LaVergne claims not getting closure with those friends has been hard on Simpson. The lawyer claims the former Buffalo Bill “loved being in general population.”

Well, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman also didn’t get to say goodbye to their family and friends when they were slashed and stabbed to death two decades ago. At least OJ can say goodbye to his friends by later visiting or writing them.

Despite Simpson’s lawyer requesting a last minute transfer, Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada is still preparing for his release. He would be released from one of 18 release points. The release point and the date will not be made public out of concern for Simpson and the prison staff. They do not want a swarm of paparazzi causing a chaotic and dangerous situation.

Ron Goldman’s father is not happy about Simpson’s impending release. He doesn’t believe OJ’s claims that he just wants to spend time with his family and that he has never been violent. Goldman mentions in the video below that Simpson was violent towards Nicole and Ron.

No matter how you feel about OJ Simpson, the reality is that he is being released from prison. He likely will be followed by the paparazzi after they figure out where he is. This story is certainly not going away.

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Source: TMZ

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