If you have missed Nikki Bella’s debut on Dancing with the Stars last night, no need to worry because Ringside Intel has you covered! Here is what you need to know about Nikki’s first dance performance!

The Opening Number


The first time we could admire Nikki dancing was during the opening number for Dancing with the Stars. From the opening number, it quickly became clear that Artem and Nikki were planning to incorporate some of the wrestling in their dancing, which made me even more excited for the show!

Nikki also stood out considerably from the other women competing in Dancing with the Stars. When you check the last bit of the opening dance number, you will notice that Nikki was wearing her ring attire, while the other girls wore a silver dress. Way to go Nikki!

Nikki & Artem’s Tango


Nikki put down an amazing tango with her dance partner Artem. Even though the music seemed like a weird choice for me, since I’m an ex-dancer myself, she pulled it off remarkably well!

The one thing that was concerning to me is that Nikki had to dance the tango in the first place because this is a dance that requires a lot of quick neck movements. Since Nikki has only just recovered from a devastating neck injury, it was quite unnerving to watch at times. Fortunately, Nikki had her family supporting her. During the dance video, you can spot Nikki’s sister Brie, her mum and her brother.

Nikki and Artem also combined their two worlds into one, more specifically the world of dancing and wrestling. At the start of the dance, Nikki did her characteristic entrance. At the end, she did a powerful wrestling move on Artem. Beautifully done to the both of them!

Red Carpet Interview

During the red carpet interview, Artem and Nikki revealed their dances for next week, which will be a Waltz and a Latin dance. These are two very different dances, which I cannot wait to see!

Nikki also discussed some of the criticism she received after her first dance, more specifically that she was looking down too much during her dance. According to Nikki, the looking down could have something to do with the broken neck she suffered. Of course, you can’t really blame her, since she has been told to protect her neck in the ring. Still, I hope that Nikki can overcome this problem and come out even stronger next week.

Who Are the Favorites for Dancing with the Stars This Year?

With a score of 20/30, Nikki Bella did quite good on the dance floor. However, there were three couples scoring higher than her with a 21/30 and 22/30, more specifically Vanessa Lachey and Maksim Chmerkovskly, Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas, and Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold.

Nikki is scoring a little higher in public opinion though, since she is currently the third fan favorite, following Lindsey Stirling and Jordan Fisher. Want to support Nikki and get her on that number 1 spot? Be sure to vote on Dancing with the Stars!

Will you be voting for fearless Nikki? Let us know in the comment section below!

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