NFL fans burn gear

NFL fans are not happy with left-wing politics being mixed in with football. They watch football for enjoyment, not to be peppered with a liberal agenda. Many fans have drawn a line in the sand after last weekend’s massive protests during the National Anthem at a number of NFL games.

A Washington Redskins fan who promised to disown the team if one of the players took a knee during the National Anthem has fulfilled that promise. Sporting a Trump t-shirt, the former fan explains why he is leaving the NFL behind, then he burns his Redskins gear to drive the point home. In just a day, the video below has gotten over 12 million views! Americans are FED UP with this protest!

The NFL is getting tremendous backlash for condoning and encouraging this disrespectful behavior. Many fans view this as anti-American. They see it as a slap in the face to veterans and police officers. And when fans walk away from the game, revenues will dry up. There won’t be as much money left to overpay these millionaires who feel oppressed.

This Redskins fan wasn’t alone in his fire-induced protest. Steelers fans have joined in after every single member of the team, except for one, stayed off the field during the National Anthem. In the video below, a former Steelers fan burns his jersey while the National Anthem plays.

The NFL is about to learn a hard lesson in how the free market works. If fans walk away from the games and refuse to buy the merchandise, this is going to affect them in a very hard way! Who will fill those empty seats? Do they think hard leftists watch football? The sport is too violent for many of them.

Anyone giving up football should consider attending a NASAR event. NASCAR has made it clear they love our country AND our National Anthem!

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