Brand New Photos Of ‘Little People, Big World’ Molly Roloff’s Wedding!

Tori Molly Matt Roloff

Molly Roloff’s wedding was part of the Little People, Big World family’s most eventful summer yet. In addition to the nuptials, Zach and Tori had an adorable son named Jackson and Audrey and Jeremy had a daughter named Ember. The Roloffs will be celebrating the Summer of 2017 for a long time!

While some pictures were released shortly after the wedding, Tori just shared some new ones we’ve never seen that are simply gorgeous! She served as Matron of Honor for her sister-in-law and took great pride in having this important role in Molly’s wedding.

Tori posted five pictures on Instagram that prove a lot of fun was had as the Roloffs celebrated Molly and Joel’s big day. Tori was thrilled to be able to dance a few weeks after giving birth to Jackson. The new mom clearly had a lot of fun! You can see the pictures by clicking on the arrows in Tori’s post below.

Molly and Joel had a beautiful wedding at Roloff Farms. She was a beaming bride who was clearly thrilled to share the day with her family and friends. Molly is more private with her personal life than her older brothers. She has her Instagram account on private, but her photographer shared some amazing photos.

Click here to see more pictures from Molly’s wedding!

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Source: Inquisitr