It’s no longer a question whether ex-UFC powerhouse Ronda Rousey will fight inside a WWE ring. Instead, the question is when – and, more importantly, how WWE will handle it.

Laying the groundwork

One of the main problems WWE is having with Ronda Rousey is actually introducing her to the WWE Universe in the right way.

The first hint at a legitimate feud came earlier this week, when Rousey challenged Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Bayley to a fight. But unless you watched the Mae Young Classic, you wouldn’t have heard about the challenge until after the fact. While it certainly made sense for the challenge to occur when it did – especially considering that Rousey’s friend Shayna Baszler is competing in the tournament – it would have been more effective had it happened on RAW or SmackDown.

Who wins?

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The second problem WWE is facing with Rousey is how to book her. It’s looking pretty likely that Rousey’s first WWE match will take place in the form of a Four Horsewomen vs. Four Horsewomen tag team elimination match at Survivor Series. But which group of Four Horsewomen should win?

Does a group of “novice” pro wrestlers — though MMA badasses — go over on arguably the four top women in your promotion? Does Baszler, who likely will be a full-time WWE performer, get lost in the shuffle? Do you promote Rousey as the invincible force she once was or the more fragile star looking for redemption we have seen after she twice got knocked out in the UFC? You can’t just expect people to forget her history and how she hid from the public eye after each loss.

Given Baszler’s dastardly actions in the Mae Young Classic and the current face status of all of WWE’s Four Horsewomen, it would make sense that Rousey’s group would be booked as heels. But Rousey herself is extremely popular; would WWE want to risk the fans rooting against their top women at one of their biggest shows?

WWE will have to be extremely smart about how they book this match. The best scenario would be to highlight the strengths of all the women while also setting up believable feuds for Baszler and Rousey in the future.

Is Rousey ready?

ronda rousey wwe

Even though Rousey is a terrific athlete, there are some concerns that she’s not ready yet for a match inside the squared circle. Even though it is reported she has been training, it is rumored that WWE officials and even female wrestlers are concerned about it.

My opinion

ronda rousey wwe

While it’s likely that Rousey and Co. will square off against Charlotte and Co., it’s my opinion that a Four Horsewomen vs. Four Horsewomen match is a bad idea. Instead, I think Rousey should face Stephanie McMahon.

Having Rousey face Stephanie would solve many problems for WWE. Not only does it leave the reputation of the Four Horsewomen intact, it also gives people a rivalry they are genuinely interested in. So, if the WWE plays their cards right, Rousey on the WWE roster could become a wonderful addition instead of a potential problem.

What do you think about Ronda Rousey making her debut in the WWE soon? Do you think it is a mistake to let her face (or beat) any of the Four Horsewomen? Let us know your unsalted opinions below and we look forward to reading them all!

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