Diamond and Silk

Diamond and Silk say what a lot of us are thinking. The sisters tackle the mainstream media and out of touch liberals on a regular basis. They have no fear and take no prisoners when defending President Trump from these rabid left-wingers.

Recently, they took it right to Hollywood liberals at the Emmys. The sisters posted a hilarious video of themselves hijacking the award show. Overpaid actors took time away from applauding each other to bash President Trump. Diamond and Silk first showed up on stage to take Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda to task for unnecessarily bashing the President. They gave Dolly Parton a pass because she clearly was a deer in the headlights and wasn’t lashing out at the Commander in Chief.

Next, the sisters verbally spanked Stephen Colbert. The late-night talk show host is a bit obsessed with his Trump hatred and the sisters dropped a truth bomb on him. The video below will have you cheering and laughing!

They are right on target! Hollywood needs a dose of reality from Diamond and Silk. They make a whole lot more sense than those out of touch liberals!

If this video made you laugh, click here to see Diamond and Silk take over a White House press briefing!

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