The Bella Twins has certainly left their stamp on the women’s division. Since Nikki and Brie left, the women’s division has been missing a certain something. However, there might be some good news, since the Bella Twins are hinting at a joint WWE return in 2018!

Interview with In Touch

During an interview with In Touch magazine, Nikki and Brie talked about the special bond they have as twin sisters. This is what Nikki said about her sister Brie during the interview:

“Brie is my rock. I don’t cry a lot, but when I do, she’s the shoulder I cry on. I couldn’t make it without her,”

“We’re each other’s support system.  We have a special twin bond and give each other a certain amount of strength.”

When asked about their busy lives and a possible return to the wrestling ring, Brie said the following:

“We miss it terribly.”

Nikki agreed with her sister statements, saying the following:

“I think about it every day. Once you have the passion for wrestling, you can’t forget it.”

Brie is certainly thinking about making her comeback though because this is what she added to the statements made in the interview.

“I say we make our comeback in 2018, but as the Bella Twins, not individuals.”

Nikki promptly responded with:

“It’s a deal!”

The Extremely Busy Lives of the Bella Twins

While the Bella Twins may have every intention of making a comeback in the WWE ring, the pair do live incredibly busy lives. These are some of the projects that could keep the twins away from a WWE return!

The Bella Twins Wine

The Twins officially have their own wine, which they have poured a lot of their energy in. The wine is called Belle Racidi, which is Italian for Beautiful Roots. If you want to try the wine created by the Bella Twins, you will have to wait, because Belle Racidi is already sold out!


Nikki and Brie Bella also have their own fashion collection, which is expected to launch soon. If the Birdiebee collection is just as successful as the Belle Racidi, the Bella Twins might be too busy to return to the wrestling ring.

A Second Child for Brie Bella?

Brie Bella spoke out on her and her husband Daniel Bryan’s plans of having a second child. When asked about wanting a second child, this is what Brie replied.

Of course, fans want to know if the second child would stop Brie making her return to the ring. It seems like Brie is planning her second child after her return to the WWE.

Dancing with the Stars

As you already know, Nikki is currently competing in Dancing with the Stars. She is doing extremely well and has impressed many with her dancing prowess. If she wins though, it could delay her return to the WWE ring.

What do you think about an impending return of the Bella Twins to the WWE ring? Post your unsalted opinions in the comment section below, we look forward to reading them.

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