Natalya is undoubtedly one of the most loved female wrestlers of all time. However, there are still some things we don’t know about her. Here are some things that may surprise you about Natalya!

1. Her favorite ice cream

If you come across Natalya in an ice cream store, it is highly likely you will see her buying some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, which is her favorite!

2. Obsessed with clean beds

Some of us can sleep in a bed when it is not made, but Natalya can’t! In the Calgary Sun, she stated that she cannot go one day without making her bed. She even makes her bed in her hotel room.

3. Her favorite flowers

I was quite surprised to learn the following, because Natalya’s favorite flowers are Sunflowers. She also said she loves to buy flowers for herself every week, and often gives TJ a clear hint to buy her some, too!

4. Documentary addict

Natalya is a self-professed documentary addict. As her favorites, she mentioned Super Size Me and Kurt Angle: Homecoming. Maybe a little shameless advertising for the WWE Network in there Nattie?

5. Her cooking skill

Given what her sister does for a living — gourmet chef and caterer — it is no surprise she can cook a little! By her own admission, she says she can make the best Greek Salad, which includes a secret ingredient – avocado! In the same breath, she admitted she also has an obsession with avocados!

Despite being able to make a nice Greek Salad, Natalya does admit she has no idea how to use her oven. In fact, she admits she uses her oven to store WWE Mattel action figures.

6. Her shopping sprees

Natalya admits that she loves to shop till she drops. She doesn’t always shop for big-name designer brands either, because she admits she could even justify buying an overpriced scarf with a cat print.

7. She loves to paint

Despite being busy in the wrestling ring, Natalya also has a passion for painting. She claims that painting is like therapy to her and that she often gifts paintings to her friends and family.

8. She loves U2

Natalya admitted to being a U2 fan. She also said that U2 was her first concert ever. She took the Greyhound bus in Junior High School to see U2 in concert.

9. She’s addicted to taking pictures

Everyone knows Natalya loves to take pictures, but just not how much she likes it. On her column, she admitted that her previous phone contained a whopping 53,000 photos!

10. She’s fascinated by wombats


Cats are not the only animals Nattie loves; she is fascinated by Wombats as well. She saw them for the first time during the Australian WWE tour in 2008 and has been fascinated by them ever since.

What fun fact didn’t you know about Natalya? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We look forward to reading it!