hornet's nest

When I was younger, I will admit I was wet behind the ears and wasn’t too smart. I used to catch bees in my hand, and then shake the bee up and let if fly. I wanted to see if the insect would fly off drunk.

That was funny until one stung me and I never did it again.

Sometimes, as a homeowner, you’re faced with the task of having to remove a bee hive or a nest of some sort. There are ways to do this more safely than the man in the video below attempted. He ended up looking like one of those cartoons where the whole hive chased whoever disturbed them!

Watch what happens when a man takes a two-by-four against a hornet’s nest:

I’m glad he didn’t fall but I just have one question – don’t they have some type of spray to take care of this situation? Do you really need a two-by-four and a good pair of running shoes?

Take a look at this man who crushes a nest with his bare hands. Unbelievable!

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Source: Rumble Viral

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