Texas deserves Hurricane Harvey

A University of Tampa professor is in hot water after exposing his hatred of Republican voters. Sociology professor Ken Storey said that Texans deserved to get hit by Hurricane Harvey because they didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton! This professor’s idea of “Love Trumps Hate” is death and destruction to his political opponents.

Ken Storey

This is a man who is charged with teaching students, but he wishes harm upon people who don’t agree with him politically. Worse than that, Florida taxpayers who voted for Trump pay his paycheck!

Someone pointed out that his state of Florida also voted for Trump and asked the professor if they also deserve a massive hurricane. He agreed that they did.

Ken Storey

Storey got such backlash that he deleted his profile picture and the awful tweets. He tweeted an apology but nobody seemed to be buying it.

Ken Storey’s page on the University of Tampa’s website is dead. Perhaps that means his career is dead as well.

UPDATE: As of Monday afternoon, the University of Tampa had officially fired Storey following his comments.

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Source: Campus Reform