Getting to the top in the WWE is the ultimate goal, so many superstars who are currently in NXT are dreaming to become a champion. Below, you will find my predictions of future RAW and SmackDown champions currently in NXT.


With an undefeated streak that beat Goldberg’s, it is highly unlikely that Asuka will not become a champion. Even though she is still in NXT at the moment, Asuka is , in my opinion, one of the most interesting women to watch in the ring. So, I have no doubt that she will be one of the longest reigning WWE Champions in history.

Nikki Cross

Having created a character that is terrifying, despite the PG era, is truly something admirable in this modern wrestling time. However, Nikki Cross managed to do it and is undoubtedly one of the heel characters to watch in the future! Not to mention, her last woman standing match with Asuka was the best women’s match I’ve seen in years.

Ember Moon

Another woman that will go far in the WWE is Ember Moon, the main rival of Asuka at the moment, but also the one who many believe will take the title from the undefeated Empress of Tomorrow. Ember Moon is certainly a female wrestler to watch for the coming years!

Bobby Roode

The glorious one was ready for the main roster as soon as he made his debut in NXT; this much was clear when the NXT happily sang along to his intro music and gave him a very harty welcome. Since then, Bobby Roode has been making waves in NXT, including becoming the NXT Champion and defeating the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura.


If I would have to name a tag team that will make big waves on the main roster, and possibly become the WWE tag team champions quickly, it would be Sanity.

The team has dominated in NXT. Even though that is no guarantee they will do the same on the main roster, their presence is certainly different from most tag teams on the main roster today. Future champions? I think so!

Aleister Black

When you leave a lasting impression on your debut already, then you have a great future waiting for you in the WWE. When Aleister Black made his debut in the WWE, I immediately wanted to know everything. Who is this guy? Who is he taking on in the ring? I just could not wait to see this guy perform.

Aleister Black encompasses everything a WWE superstar should invoke in fans; this includes an interest for the character, but also an intimidating presence that makes you interested in the matches to come. Will this man become a champion in the future? Hell yes!

Which NXT superstars do you believe have the capability to be a future RAW or SmackDown champion? Is there someone that is not in my list? Let us know in the comment section below, and we look forward to reading it!

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