Magnum TA Denied Entry To Disney World Because He Brought A Segway With Him

Former NWA United States Champion and Mid-South Tag Champion Magnum TA was denied entry to Walt Disney World for bring a Segway with him

Walt Disney World denied Former NWA United States Champion and Mid-South Tag Champion Magnum TA entry for bringing a Segway motorized vehicle with him. A car crash in 1986 severely injured Magnum TA. It immobilized him and ended his budding wrestling career. The crash shattered of two his vertebrae, and his right-side was paralyzed. Supposedly until the accident, TA was being positioned by Dusty Rhodes to become the NWA champion.

His step-daughter, professional wrestler Tessa Blanchard, detailed the ordeal on Twitter.

Can you bring a Segway into Disney World?

While we can sympathize with Magnum’s issues, Disney has every right to deny someone entry if they’re bringing their own transportation. Segways can be dangerous in large crowds. Plus, Disney does provide wheelchairs and scooters for those with disabilities.
When some brought this up, Blanchard responded.

Magnum TA later explained the situation fully on Facebook.

It's about overcoming and being independent. About the never ending fight not to be treated as a "lesser than " and…

Posted by Terry Allen-Magnum TA on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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