Komodo dragon kitten

In the adorable video below, a little kitten didn’t know what to expect when it met a real life Komodo dragon.

Although the video seemed to be innocent in nature and cute to look at, things could have turned out really bad for the cat. Komodo dragons are illegal to have as pets because they are endangered. One has to wonder why anyone would want to own a Komodo dragon.

Since Komodo dragons are hard to acquire, I have to ask myself whether or not this was an actual Komodo dragon or just a reptile with similar characteristics.

Either way, the kitten was very fearful of the reptile and did everything possible to get out of its way.

The cat wanted no part of this tongue-flicking creature!

On a more serious note, the video creator could get into serious trouble if this is indeed a Komodo dragon. For this man’s sake, he should change the title of the video so he does not get in trouble for illegally owning a Komodo dragon.

Do you think this is an actual Komodo dragon or just a lookalike? Share your thoughts below!

Source: YouTube

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