John Cena Receives Emotional Surprise from His Biggest Fans

John Cena’s “never give up” attitude has inspired many wrestling fans to do the same. Even though John Cena knew to some degree the impact his wrestling persona had on his fans, he never quite knew just how much after a recent surprise from some of his biggest fans!

The Promotional Video

Cena was lured to his surprise by Cricket Wireless. He believed that he would be reading thank you cards from people who he impacted over the years, as a way to promote Cricket Wireless. However, John Cena got a wonderful surprise instead.

Tyler Schweer

Most of the messages that were given to Cena were heartfelt from fans who withstood some life-changing events. But the one message that got Cena emotional was the video message from a little boy called Tyler Schweer.

During his video message, Tyler told Cena how his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Tyler had received a “never give up” wristband from John Cena during an event, and therefore gave his mother the order not to give up either, because John Cena never gives up!

After John Cena watched the video, he was clearly very emotional and said:

“That’s pretty cool. At a young age, he has such great perspective. it’s really cool to see man.”

Tyler’s story has a happy ending though because Tyler’s mother recovered and is now cancer free. She put John Cena’s wristband in a beautiful display case, which she showed Cena when she eventually met him during the fan surprise. It certainly had an impact on Cena emotionally.

The Life Changer Trophy

After John Cena met with all the fans whose life he changed, he probably received the most meaningful trophy he ever received in his life – the Life Changer Trophy. The trophy was gifted by the fans, who wanted to give Cena something memorable, which showed him how much of an impact he had on their lives.

How John Cena Continues to Change Lives!

Whether you like or dislike John Cena as a wrestler, there is no denying that Cena had a profound impact on the lives of many. Over the course of his career, Cena has supported numerous charitable causes.

Cena is known to support big causes such as Susan G. Komen cancer research and Tribute to the Troops. However, there are more charities that not everyone is familiar with. One of these charities is the John Cena scholarship. The scholarship came to fruition when Cena canceled his $5000 ring gear order and decided the money was better spent elsewhere. Instead, he gave WWE coaches the change to put in their vote for the most outstanding talent. Top talent selected by the coaches would receive $500 for their new ring gear. So, if anyone says Cena does not support younger talent, this is a prime example of how wrong they are!

What do you think about the surprise Cena received from his biggest fans? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below! We look forward to reading them!