Indie Wrestler Takes Out Mick Foley’s “Mr. Socko” With His “PenisPlex”

Independent wrestler Joey Ryan has become infamous both in and out of wrestling for his patented “YouPorn Plex.” Which is when Ryan flips a wrestler with the power of his male appendage. The move gained prominence as a result of Ryan using it during a match for DDTPro in Japan.

Due to the notoriety, The move became Joey Ryan’s calling card. Consequently, he’s continually found creative ways to integrate it into his matches.

Recently, it went to another level! Joey Ryan used the move against WWE Hall of Famer and hardcore legend Mick Foley.

Via ProWrestlingSheet

Foley responds to the controversy

Naturally, wrestling purists were aghast at such a display. How can they insult the intelligence of wrestling fans? The great tradition of grappling is forever tainted. Yet here’s what Foley had to say about it.

I agree with Foley. Wrestling is about entertainment. Seems like the spot entertained the crowd. Good for Ryan for finding inventive uses for it. I also give a big thumbs-up to Foley for going along with it. Of course, it doesn’t shock me that Mick Foley would be OK with it. After all, he’s known for his fair-share of crazy wrestling stunts.

What do you think? Is the “Penis-Plex” bad for wrestling? Share your thoughts.