Forced WWE Cutbacks Could Impact Wrestlers and Fans

Both wrestlers and wrestling fans are concerned about the recent cutbacks that have been announced. The WWE needs to save money and is looking at their options to cut back on numerous things. Here is what the WWE is thinking on saving money on.

Less Pyro

The people who supply pyro to the WWE might be sad at the moment, because one of the things the WWE is trying to save money on is pyrotechnics.

As a wrestling fan, this makes me sad. When you think about wrestling and entrances in the WWE, you think about massive pyrotechnics. Without those original pyrotechnics, what is the difference between the WWE and smaller wrestling promotions?

Talking Smack Cancellations

Nobody was more surprised than me when Talking Smack was cancelled after SmackDown Live. I honestly enjoyed watching the show and it was one of the highlights of my week. Apparently, the cancellation of the popular show was due to the cutbacks.

Network Programs Being Cut

If you are like me and believe there is not enough new material on the WWE network, then you are probably right. The WWE is expected to cut down on programs on the WWE Network.

The WWE believed that the amount of subscribers to the WWE Network would increase dramatically after WrestleMania. Unfortunately for them, the subscribers acquired seemed to be far of the mark they expected. Therefore, the WWE hopes to balance the books by cancelling some network shows.

With this announcement, I am afraid some of my favourite shows will get cancelled on the Network; this includes Holy Foley and Ride Along.

WWE UK Championship in Danger?

The WWE UK Championship could be in danger too, because the WWE has stated that this is what costed them so much profit in the beginning of year. Setting up the new championship obviously costed them, but does this mean the championship is in danger too? Could it be cancelled after all the money and time the WWE has spend creating this brand?

Dave Meltzer Speaks Out About the Cutbacks

Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer is always in the know about the recent developments in the WWE. So, it is no surprise that Meltzer has also spoken out about the WWE cutbacks. Here is what he had to say.

“So last year’s profits were about $30 million. And this year we’re about halfway through and – I don’t have the exact numbers in front of me – but it’s like five or six million, which means there’s a lot of catching up to do.”

“They’re not in any financial trouble but the Network subscriber number is a genuine disappointment. The growth coming out of WrestleMania that would have been expected wasn’t there.”

What do you think about the cutbacks that are currently being implemented by the WWE? Do you think the cutbacks are the right thing to do when the company is making a profit? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below, and we certainly look forward to reading through all your opinions!