Enzo Amore Reportedly Ridiculed By Fellow Wrestlers After Cruiserweight Debut

There has been so much talk about Enzo and his backstage attitude, coming from a variety of sources, it is certainly hard to ignore it.

Things are not going that great for Enzo Amore, since many people believe he got “demoted” from RAW to long-time suffering brand 205 Live. Unfortunately, things seem to get worse, since it is rumored Enzo was ridiculed by fellow wrestlers after his cruiserweight debut on RAW.

His Debut Against Noam Dar

Enzo’s backstage attitude apparently saw him demoted to 205 Live, which the WWE claims to be a way to get more viewers to the separate WWE brand. Whichever it may be, Enzo made his cruiserweight debut this week on RAW.

Backstage Rumors

enzo amore 205 live

There have been some backstage rumors regarding the reaction of WWE officials and fellow wrestlers to Enzo Amore’s debut. According to various sources, officials ridiculed him for the simplicity of the match, which included his simple finisher.

Defended by Dave Meltzer

Not everyone is all negative about Enzo Amore because Dave Meltzer defended him somewhat on Wrestling Observer Radio. During his podcast, he stated the following:

“Here’s the deal, it’s not gonna work out from a match quality standpoint cause Enzo’s not very good. However, he does come across as more of a star than anyone else there and there’s gonna be more interest in 205 Live cause he’s there.”

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire?

There has been so much talk about Enzo and his backstage attitude, coming from a variety of sources, it is certainly hard to ignore it. Even though wrestlers are prone to gossip and false rumors, there must be something going on that gives Enzo a bad reputation.

At the end of the day, nobody has really spoken out about the situation with Enzo, at least not in an official capacity. There are stories, but not official statements whatsoever. So, once again the WWE is keeping its dirty laundry safe in the hamper!

If the rumors are true, I guess that Enzo was put on 205 Live just to get more viewers, because it is certainly not an advancement for his career. He even mentioned the alleged issues during his debut, so time will tell if Enzo will become great, or if his hype is doomed to come down.

My Opinion

enzo amore backstage heat

As a wrestling fan, I must admit I am more confused about Enzo Amore than anything else. His debut as a cruiserweight felt incredibly weird because he lost so much on the main roster it is hard to take his win against one of my favorite cruiserweights seriously.

Everyone has been calling Enzo’s appearance on 205 Live as a demotion. Even though we all know this to be true realistically, I also know that this devalues 205 Live in the eyes of wrestling fans. It is also a smack in the face for all the cruiserweights who have tried to make 205 Live great!

What did you think about Enzo’s debut? Did you perceive his win against Noam Dar as realistic? Or is the WWE handling the Enzo situation completely wrong? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below! We will be more than happy to read them!

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