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The American flag is a symbol of patriotism and national pride, and while most Americans see its presence as an example of what makes our country great, some individuals get offended by its presence.

A group of homeowners in Connecticut reportedly have been receiving hate mail after displaying American flags on their property.

Despite the negative mail, homeowners, such as Ashley Meyer, will not be deterred. Meyer told reporters that she is not afraid to proudly display her patriotism: “There are 12 flags on the bottom. Two up on top. One in honor of my grandfather. The other in honor of our other friends who have served our country.”

Meyer and other residents claim they have received letters in their mailbox with pages of anti-American and anti-government flyers. Meyer believes that these individuals do not have any patriotism and “aren’t proud of our country.”

Another resident, Ken Hujulstrom, received the same anti-American message, but refuses to take down his flags: “I’m a very proud American. My son is a veteran with Army National Guard, spent time in Iraq. My father was a World War II veteran.

Military veteran Wayne Dupree is angered by the hatred directed at these patriotic Americans, and he is standing up for their right to proudly fly the flag!

Check out his powerful comments below!


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Source: WFSB

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