WWE Hall of Famer and the “Original Diva” Tammy Lynn Sytch aka “Sunny” was hospitalized near her home in New York following an accident. She passed out earlier this week and was rushed to the ER. According to her Facebook page, she’s been in and out of the hospital the last few weeks with cuts and bruises.

Tammy Lynn Sytch’s Life Since WWE

Sytch hasn’t had the best go-round since leaving WWE and ECW. She’s been arrested and imprisoned multiple times for DUIs and driving on a suspended license. She’s also been to rehab for alcohol addiction. She battled cervical cancer, though some people doubted that she actually had cancer and instead was fabricating the situation for attention.  Sytch denies she faked cancer.  She also got into hot water after fabricating stories about being mugged and possibly adopting a child. She admitted to this in order to “fool” wrestling websites into posting about her. To supplement her post-career income Sytch produced a pornographic film and hosts special Skype sessions with fans.

Regardless, we hope Sunny gets well and back on her feet. During the Attitude Era, she defined what it meant to be a Diva and was an outstanding valet for Chris Candido, The Smoking Gunns, and others. I sincerely hope this recent hospital visit is not a cry for attention. As stated previously, Stych has been known to embellish and lie in the past. Though, if she is lying, it is certainly an elaborate and needless one. Faking a hospital stay is very serious and probably a sign of some actual mental issues. But, we have no evidence that Sytch is faking. Hopefully, she can get the physical and mental treatment she needs to be a productive member of society.

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