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A Florida woman had the audacity to complain that the backseat of a cop car was too hot after she was arrested for leaving her 5-year-old son in a 107 degree car while she went shopping:

The incident began when police were summoned to a Dollar General store in the South Daytona area on Friday, June 30, 2017. Concerned shoppers informed the police that there was a child that had been left in a vehicle. When police arrived, they found the 5-year-old sitting in a locked Hyundai in the back seat. The front driver’s side window was rolled down and the rear driver’s side window was slightly open. Both passenger windows were rolled up.

According to the police department, the car was parked in direct sunlight without any shade. The young boy was visibly upset and sweating profusely. The South Daytona Fire Department also responded. When they measured the temperature inside the car, it registered at 107 degrees Fahrenheit (41.7 degrees Celsius).

According to the bystander who called police, the boy had been in the car for at least 20 minutes and had been crying and screaming. The mother, Colleen Walker, attempted to defend her actions by claiming that her son had opted to wait in the car while she shopped and that he had only been left alone for 12 minutes.

However, surveillance video footage showed that Walker had been inside the store with her 3-year-old daughter for nearly half an hour.

Later, when Walker was being transported for booking, she actually complained that the cop car was too hot:

While she was in transit, Walker told officers that it was too hot in the back of the squad car and they needed to turn up the air conditioning. According to Lt. Dan Dietrich of the South Daytona Police Department, “She [Colleen Walker] was complaining that the backseat of our patrol car was too hot on her way to the jail, and asked the officer to turn the AC up.”

Can you believe there are parents like this out in the world?

Both of Walker’s children have been released into their father’s custody. She faces up to five years in prison if convicted.

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