surprise bedroom remodel

How many of you have wanted to make a change in your house for your spouse but you never have time to make it happen? How many of you know your loved one so well, you could pull off making a drastic change to a living area in your home?

This husband tried what many have thought of but never had the ability to pull it off.  Not only did he change the bedroom, he did it by himself.

The children had time to play and absorb what daddy was doing and even if the little ones didn’t understand what was going on, having fun was their number one choice.

I have to say I was amazed watching the video below. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the work he was accomplishing in such a short time. He’s an awesome husband for this.

While Mom was out of town for the weekend, this father of 3 managed to rip out the hideous carpet, paint the walls, install new hardwood floors, and make a DIY upholstered headboard – all while taking care of the 3 kids! Her reaction when she returned home made it worth all the hard work.

I am sure this video just gave some husbands an idea of what they can do for their wives. Just make sure you know your spouse’s taste.

The man in this video already knew what his wife loved. Did you see the word I just used? Loved. There’s too much broad space with liked and you can get something so wrong you will hear about it for years!

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