school paddling in Texas

The Board of Trustees for a school district in Texas voted to bring the paddle back into the classroom to help combat unruly students. Corporal punishment is making a comeback at Three Rivers Independent School District with a 6-0 vote in favor of paddling.

Only the campus’ behavior coordinator will be paddling any students. Parents have to give written and verbal consent for this to even occur and there will be one paddle for each infraction.

Three Rivers ISD Superintendent Mary Springs said, “If the parent is not comfortable with it, that’s the end of the discussion.” Parents have to opt into the policy if their children are to be spanked.

The Lone Star State is one of 19 states that permit corporal punishment. In November 2016, Barack Obama’s Department of Education sent a letter to states asking them to stop corporal punishment as they felt it was harmful to students in the long run. Texas didn’t seem to care for that message.

More information on this paddling policy is in the video below.

Many of us grew up with paddling in the classroom. We all survived and typically, paddling stopped the behavior of unruly children. If the parents are okay with it, that should end the discussion.

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