Favorite Reality Show

I can’t get enough of reality shows whether it’s Duck Dynasty, Survivor, or Alaskan Bush People. Reality shows just grab my attention.

I love watching Duck Dynasty and getting a glimpse of a day in the life of the Robertson Clan, whether it’s making redneck water slides for a day at the lake or having fun making duck calls with sleepy Si!

Then you have other shows like Survivor, which is all about the game. Who are you going to bond with on the island? How do you ensure that you stay on the island? Are you going to backstab everyone or play it honest? What twist are the folks at Survivor going to throw at you to twist up the game?

I even love the cooking shows like Chopped. You can almost taste the food they make!

But what is your favorite reality show? Take the poll above and let me know.

Is your favorite not on the list? Make sure to leave us a comment!

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